Which Illinois job will you get a raise from?

  • August 9, 2021

Here are the jobs the Illini will be looking to fill in the next few months:1.

Senior Vice President of Finance: The Illini have been looking for a Vice President to take over the Finance Department.

With this position, you’ll be handling all of our finance operations, including all aspects of the Student Aid and Financial Aid offices, the Student Financial Aid Administration, and the Office of Financial Aid.2.

Senior Financial Analyst: The finance department oversees the collection and management of all the student aid and financial aid funds and has the authority to determine how much money is owed to students and what the right amount of funds should be.3.

Chief Financial Officer: The chief financial officer (CFO) oversees all of the financial administration and budgeting for the university.4.

Chief Accounting Officer: This position is responsible for all accounting and financial reporting for all university financial aid programs, including tuition, fees, and other fees.5.

Chief Administrative Officer:The chief administrative officer (CAO) is responsible to ensure the university’s financial reporting system is sound and that its programs and services are administered according to its standards.6.

Vice President and Director of Athletic Facilities Management: The VP and Director oversees the operation of all Athletic Facilities, including athletic scholarships, student athlete programs, facilities, and administrative functions.7.

Vice Chancellor of Finance and Treasurer: The vice chancellor of finance and treasurer (VPF) oversees the financial oversight of all financial aid and student aid programs.8.

Vice Vice President, Academic Programs: The Vice President Academic Programs is responsible and accountable for all student financial aid, academic programs, and student services.9.

Vice Dean of Athletics: The Dean of Athletic Programs oversees academic programs and academic advising and financial services, including financial aid.10.

Vice Chair of Athletics and Athletic Programs: This role is responsible with the administration of all student sports programs and athletics scholarships and other student aid funds.11.

Vice Treasurer: This office handles the administration and management costs of all university student aid, including student athletes and financial support services.12.

Vice Provost for Financial Aid and Institutional Services: This Office handles financial aid for students, faculty, and staff.13.

Vice Principal of Athletics, Financial Aid, and Institution Services: The Principal of Athletic, Financial Assistance, and Institution Services oversees all financial services and administrative costs for all athletic scholarships and student athlete scholarships.14.

Vice Director of Student Financial Assistance and Academic Programs and Instance: This is responsible overseeing all financial assistance programs and administration for student aid.15.

Vice VP of Finance for Academic Programs, Financial Services, and Institutions: The President of Financial Services and Institutions oversees all academic programs for the University of Illinois.16.

Vice Assistant Vice President for Academic and Financial Services: In this role, you will oversee the financial affairs of all academic and financial programs for student athletes at the University.17.

Vice Associate Vice President in Finance and Instruction: This job is a combination of the position of vice chancellor and VPF.

This position manages the financial operations of all athletic scholarship and financial assistance scholarships, academic and other financial aid scholarships, and administration of student athletes.18.

Vice Chief Financial Adviser: The Chief Financial Advisor oversees all aspects and financial management of financial aid scholarship and other academic scholarships, including the administration.19.

Vice Finance Officer: In charge of all aspects for the financial assistance scholarship and academic scholarship programs, the financial advisor oversees financial aid administration, financial aid eligibility, and financial awards.20.

Vice Financial Adviser to the Vice Chancellor for Finance: This individual has oversight and control over the financial aid budgeting and scholarship and student athletic programs.21.

Vice Academic Programs Manager: This title is responsible throughout the academic and academic scholarships for the academic program of all students, including academic scholarships.22.

Vice Institutional Affairs Officer: These positions have responsibilities for academic and non-academic programs including the administrative administration of academic and athletic scholarships.23.

Vice Coordinator of Academic Programs Management: This person has oversight of academic scholarship and nonacademic program activities and is responsible of coordinating academic and educational programs.24.

Vice Manager of Academic Affairs and Instances: This roles includes oversight and management responsibilities for all academic scholarship activities.25.

Vice Registrar: This positions is responsible in coordinating academic scholarship, academic athletic scholarships with the Registrar of Students Office.26.

Vice Sessional Director: This career position is for the Dean of Academic Services, who oversees the academic programs of all college students.27.

Vice Office Manager: These are responsible for the administration, supervision, and operation of academic scholarships and academic athletic programs for all students.28.

Vice Athletics Director: The Director of Athletics oversees all student athletic scholarship activities at the university and all academic athletic activities in general.29.

Vice Athletic Director: These position are responsible in the administration activities of academic athletics and academic athletics scholarships.30.

Vice Administrative Assistant: These roles include the administration in all academic sports at the college


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