How do you find a good job?

  • August 23, 2021

Posted November 04, 2019 09:01:50 The job market in India is a bit different than in other countries.

The jobs available in India are not always at the level that people would expect, so people need to take a look around.

Here are some tips that we have heard from many job seekers and experts.

Know your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your specific job and where you would like to go.

Know the price range in your market and the average hourly rate.

If you are in a different industry, such as IT, you may be able to get a lower salary than in another industry.

If your skills are in-demand and you are looking for a specific job, look for people who are experienced in the same field.

You may also be able find a job at a much higher salary.

Know that the salary you earn is tied to your level of education and experience.

It is not a salary you can make by yourself.

So, a degree will not make you a good salary unless you have an advanced degree.

Know how much you can expect to earn on average.

You will need to make a few decisions in order to figure out your earnings potential.

For example, you can start with the amount you earn in the next two years and how much it will cost to continue earning after that.

The first thing you should know is that you cannot earn a decent salary with an average salary of $100 per month.

This is because a salary will vary depending on many factors.

You should also look at how much your salary will grow after that, because you will need an additional amount every year to keep up with inflation.

A salary of Rs 500 per month, for example, will not last for two years.

Your earnings will grow over time as the economy expands.

Here is a breakdown of the average salary for different jobs:1.

Entry Level Jobs1.1.

Healthcare and medical2.

Finance, Insurance and Real Estate3.


Food, Beverages and Imports5.

Finance & Investment Consulting6.


Construction and Engineering8.

Computer Science and Software9.

Healthcare Sales & Marketing10.

Marketing, Media and Publishing11.

Marketing and Communications12.

Computer Systems Development13.

Software Engineering14.

Electronics manufacturing15.

Electrical Engineering16.

Computer Software17.

Medical Research and Development18.

Software Design19.

Electronics Manufacturing & Manufacturing20.

Engineering Engineering & Industrial Development21.

Medical Industrial Development22.

Aerospace & Defense23.

Computer Hardware Manufacturing & Software24.

Engineering Electronics Manufacturing25.

Engineering Manufacturing & Electronics Manufacturing26.

Engineering Mechanical and Aerospace Manufacturing27.

Aerospace Manufacturing28.

Engineering Materials and Assembly29.

Industrial Engineering30.

Aerospace Engineering31.

Aerospace Material Handling & Production32.

Aerospace Production & Engineering33.

Electronics and Control Systems34.

Aerospace Technology35.

Aerospace Research & Development36.

Aircraft Maintenance & Testing37.

Air Transport & Aviation 38.

Air Force Aviation39.

Defence Aircraft Production & Support40.

Nuclear Engineering 41.

Electronics, Electronics Technology, Electronics Power Generation & Control & Communication42.

Nuclear Power Engineering 43.

Nuclear Energy Systems44.

Air Navigation & Control45.

Air Traffic Management46.

Aircraft Navigation & Navigation Control 47.

Nuclear Navigation & Communication System48.

Nuclear Air Traffic Control49.

Air Defense and Air Force Security50.

Space Engineering51.

Space Systems Design & Construction52.

Space Applications & Manufacturing53.

Aerospace and Space Exploration 54.

Space Communications & Electronics55.

Space & Atmospheric Exploration56.

Space Navigation Systems57.

Space Science and Engineering58.

Space Propulsion Systems59.

Space Transport Systems60.

Space Transportation 61.

Space Exploration62.

Space Weather & Weather Systems63.

Space Environmental Sciences64.

Space Hydrology & Oceanography65.

Space Geospace & Geophysics66.

Space Astronomy & Astrophysics67.

Space Medicine & Therapeutics68.

Space Nuclear Physics69.

Space Chemistry & Biochemistry70.

Space Physics and Nuclear Physics71.

Space Nano and Biotechnology72.

Space Chemistries and Nuclear Medicine73.

Space Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry74.

Space Biological and Chemical Sciences75.

Space Space & Microwaves76.

Space Aerospace & Space Defense77.

Space Solar & Plasma Physics78.

Space Electric & Magnetic Physics79.

Space Radar & Ionosphere & Electromagnetic Physics80.

Space Air & Space Warfare81.

Space Oceanography82.

Space Microwave & Micrometeoroid Physics83.

Space Atmospheric & Solar Physics84.

Space Biosphere, Marine & Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences85.

Space Marine Microbiology and Immunology86.

Space Planetary & Astrobiology87.

Space Chemical & Engineering & Microbial Engineering88.

Space Aeronautics & Space Exploration89.

Space Humanities & Social Sciences90.

Space Physical Sciences91.

Space Social Sciences92.

Space Bioengineering and Environmental Science93.

Space Biology and Physiology94.

Space Cosmology and Cosmology95.

Space Microbiology & Immunology96.

Space Astrobiology and Astrobiology97.

Space Astrophysical Sciences


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