How to find the right job for your job search

  • August 26, 2021

For many people, the choice of job title on a job ad can have a big impact on their chances of finding a job.

That’s why, every year, the B.C. government publishes job titles for the public.

The titles are designed to help people get a better understanding of what they’re looking for when they apply for jobs.

However, they can also have a negative impact on people’s chances of getting a job, according to a new report from the University of British Columbia.

The B. C. Job Search Initiative (JSRI) is looking at how job titles affect people’s job search and offers guidance on what can and can’t be said on job ad ads.

The report looks at the titles of more than 4,000 job ads for jobs in all regions in the province.

It found that people who see a title that says, “I’m looking for a technical support specialist” are less likely to get hired for a job than people who only see a job title that suggests a specific skill set.

People who are more likely to receive a positive job ad title include people with experience, those with a degree, those who are working in specific fields, and those with special needs.

It also found that those with more experience are more apt to be hired for positions in technology-related fields and those working in more remote locations.

“This is the kind of research that could help inform how we build a better economy for our citizens,” said JSRI chairperson and economist Robert McClelland.

“And we hope that by using this data we can identify what are the kinds of occupations that people are most likely to be in.”

In addition to the title, JSRE also collected data on how many people who were interviewed had a job interview, how many were interviewed and how many did not.

The results were published in a recent paper entitled “The impact of job titles on job search success and failure.”

It also shows that the impact of a job’s title can be very large.

For example, those without a job search title were much more likely than those who received one to be laid off, to be offered a promotion, to get an offer for a new job, and to have their pay reduced.

The paper says that this can cause people to feel less motivated to seek out a new position.

It says that when people see a negative title, their perception of the job title can also change.

“Our research indicates that job titles that are ambiguous, that suggest a set of skills, or that make people feel more like a customer or customer support person may not resonate with employers,” McCleelland said.

“In fact, people who receive a negative job title may even become less likely than other people to be contacted for job openings.”

JSRIs report is based on data from the BC Government’s job posting system, called the BLS.

It is based upon data from government employment databases, the Ministry of Finance and the BCL.

It includes information from the BCP and the Canadian Labour Congress.

The findings were published this week in the Canadian Journal of Sociology.


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