How to do the best job in the industry

  • July 9, 2021

The best job for any freelance freelancer is usually in the creative or design fields, but it’s the creative, not the administrative or marketing roles that can get you the most bang for your buck.

It’s not about being a top creative in a field.

It is about being able to work with a wide variety of people, and the best freelance job for this is probably one that involves the creation of content for the site you work on.

You can use that content to build an audience or even to build a brand.

This is where your passion and your creative abilities shine.

It will be very interesting to see if your employer sees this and sees it as a great fit for them.

It may not be for the sole reason that you are the only one.

But you can definitely see that your ability to produce quality content is what will be of greatest value to them. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, or you are a creator, or a freelancer who wants to work in the field of design, your main focus will be on creating content that will enhance the user experience of your site, rather than creating the content for a specific client.

That’s why I believe that the best freelancing opportunities will be found in the arts, and that it’s a great place to start your freelance career. Read More

NFL job search: Who will play for the Jets?

  • July 3, 2021

There are plenty of options in the NFL for the New York Jets, but who will be the team’s quarterback and playmaker?

According to sources, the team is looking for a quarterback to complement Geno Smith and Brandon Marshall.

The Jets were expected to be interested in a QB before the start of free agency, but with the signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick and the lack of other quarterbacks on the market, the Jets could have a tough time finding one.

The team is also reportedly considering trading for a veteran receiver, as well as signing a free agent wide receiver to add depth.

The last two seasons have been rocky for the team, with Fitzpatrick being sacked 15 times in 2016 and Marshall suffering a torn ACL in 2017.

The team could be looking for an upgrade at wide receiver, but sources said the team doesn’t think that will be necessary.

The two biggest candidates are the veteran receivers Pierre Garcon and Brandon Gibson.

Both players are entering the final year of their contracts, but the Jets may be willing to part with their former franchise wideouts for a few million dollars to land a quality player at the position.

The Jets will also have to look for a playmaker in the secondary.

They have a lot of young talent, but their secondary has yet to produce a star.

The biggest names on the roster, cornerback Morris Claiborne and safety Mark Barron, have struggled at times during their time with the team.

Claiborn has struggled with drops and his overall play, and Barron has struggled at safety.


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